Reconnect to your

Brave one,

You are here because you follow the stirrings of your heart.

You may have been obedient when you were younger, abiding by your family’s and culture’s rules and expectations but, deep inside, a small voice has always been calling you elsewhere.

As a child, maybe you were often told, “Stop being so defiant! Why are you so difficult?” and you grew up to be an independent thinker.

Or you heard your parent/s say, “You’re too sensitive. Can’t you take a joke?” and you grew up to be an artist or an empath able to read others people’s energies.

Or you got called ‘selfish’ because you didn’t want to be part of your family’s enmeshment and now you are self-contained and not easily swayed.

You know all too well how it feels to be the black sheep in your family. And, you’re tired of wondering why you were born different. You were born different because…

Black sheep are born to be self-leading change-makers.

How do you lead yourself? You listen to your intuition.

Enough of being led by other people’s agendas.

You want to live your soul’s agenda, and nothing less.

Deep within, you know there is another way to love, parent, work and live. A way that is not pushy, forceful or continually striving. A way that is flowing, allowing, and in tune with your natural rhythms.

You are an intuitive, empathic, connected, and creative woman with a big heart and big dreams. It takes courage to stay true to your path.

I would be honored to serve you on your journey.

I support mindful women who identify as black sheep in their families to live their Soul Agenda by re-igniting their inner guidance.

Hey there, I'm Mei Ling!

I’ve been supporting mindful and brave women who hear the call to break away from familial and societal expectations and live their Soul Agendas, for the past 12 years. My specialty is reconnecting women to their inner guidance system to help navigate transitions, and to create the soul fulfilling lives that they deserve.

Every soul has a purpose. 
I help you discover your Soul Agenda so you can take action towards living your purpose. As an intuitive medium and mindset guide I work with:


In every fairytale there is an animal helper like the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. It's the universe's way of guiding your inner child. 


These illustrate and explain your current situation in this lifetime by revealing patterns, recurring themes, and cycles you are trying to break. 


Black sheep have no family support and the road can feel lonely. It helps to know you have a team of spirit guides with you all the time that have your back. 


Most of us have 2 or 3 imbalanced chakras in our lifetime. Depending on the combination, the patterns tell a story. We balance the chakra that needs it most. 


These are the talents and traits that your family sees as wrong and unacceptable but are actually your most valuable assets and contribution to the world. 


We are each born with our own North Star to guide us on our life's journey. Society's formula is not a one-size-fits-all. You are born to walk your own path.

Discover Your Soul Agenda

A custom reading to reconnect with your Divine support system, meet your loving spirit guides, and receive your unique blueprint for rewriting your life story.

My most popular offering and the beginning of your journey from feeling not good enough to knowing you are deeply loved for exactly who you are.

"Illuminating, clarifying, and life-changing."
— Ji W. Choi, Healer and Shadow worker

3 Ways to Explore
your Soul Agenda


Peace, Grounding & Magic
during the In-between