Soul Story Session

This is where it all begins.

This is the first step on your journey from feeling not-good-enough to shining your light into the world, knowing you are deeply loved and valued for who you are.

This is the map for re-writing your story. 

Let’s dive in!

Brave one,

  • DO YOU
    constantly worry about whether you’re being a good mother, daughter, friend, wife or business owner and crave more authentic, meaningful relationships?
    a hard worker who tends to overdeliver (in both your business and your personal life), undercharging, and putting others’ needs and obligations before your own?
  • DO YOU
    procrastinate when it comes to making decisions, because you’re anxious you’ll make the wrong choice, and feel like it’s hard to trust yourself?
  • DO YOU
    as a black sheep/scapegoat child/ugly duckling, do you often wonder “Why me? Why this life?”

Hey there, I’m Mei Ling.

I’ve been supporting mindful and brave women who hear the call to break away from familial and societal expectations and live their soul agendas, for the past 12 years. My specialty is helping women who identify as black sheep/scapegoats/misfits move from feeling not- good -enough to discovering  their unique soul agendas and reconnecting to their divine support system, so that they can shine their light into the world, knowing they are deeply loved and valued for who they are. 

allowed me to connect with a deep part within myself
“My session with Mei Ling was a great experience that allowed me to connect with a deep part within myself. I wanted support in understanding the challenges I was facing in some of my relationships. Working with Mei Ling allowed me to understand these challenges as the expression of ancestral dynamics and make shifts in my own behavior. I enjoyed the way she combined different bodies of knowledge; intuitive guidance, spirit guides, animal totems, astrological elements etc. I would definitely work with her again in the future!”
— Martina G.
somatic therapist, California and Argentina


In this 75 minute 1:1 session, we will reveal your unique soul agenda and introduce you to your Divine support system so that you leave with a clear map for living from purpose, connection, self-acceptance and authenticity.

Your investment:

$350 USD

This can be credited towards any intuitive coaching packages,
should you choose to work with me again in the future.


*DISCLAIMER: Please note that my services are NOT psychotherapeutic in nature nor a replacement for qualified mental healthcare.