Soul Agenda Big Magic

You desire a complete shift in the way you love, connect, work and play. You know that there is another way to live that is not about pushing, competing, chasing and striving endlessly – but in harmony with the Divine, Mother Earth, and the deepest parts of your Soul. You are ready to wake up the magic inside you! 

In this 6-month program, we delve deeply into all aspects of your Soul Agenda. We define your vision of the future by uncovering your heart’s deepest desires. I teach you all that I have learned on my own journey as an intuitive medium and mindset guide, so that you will know how to use your own intuitive gifts to navigate life and contribute in your unique way to the world.

/səʊl/ - /əˈdʒɛndə/

Soul Agenda

 The underlying intentions of your soul in this lifetime – what experiences you came here for, how you want to live, love, play and work, and your unique soul growth direction.

this IS for you IF

Reality and space have opened up to me in ways in which I could never have imagined before
— Angela Shen


The good stuff

    Experience the world as a magical place, filled with synchronicities and (big and small) miracles.
    Re-establish and embrace your intimate connection with the Divine.
    Make aligned decisions that come from your inner truth and a place of love. Reclaim your inner voice.
    Experience deep healing and peace
    on all levels.
    Fully embody your Soul Agenda, unlock your Soul Gifts, and share them with the world.
    Feel supported and in sync with the Universe while you navigate your Soul Agenda.

The practical stuff

1 x 75 minute ⌛

Soul Story Session


1 x 60 min session ⌛

to learn tools to help you transform with grace – skills that you’ll use your whole life long

2 x 60 minute session ⌛

to identify fears, dissolve blocks and release patterns that are no longer serving you

2 x 60 min session ⌛

to learn spiritual practices to help you with daily life

1 x 60 min session ⌛

to imagine all the possibilities, and create a new vision that aligns with your Soul Agenda

3 x 60 min session ⌛

to teach you to access your own intuition and communicate with your Spirit Guides

2 x 60 min session ⌛

to tap into your intuition and excite you into taking inspired action

4 x 20 min session ⌛

remote energy healing

Exercises and “homework”

uniquely tailored to your needs

That's 635 Minutes or 10 + Hours of
one on one personal attention and support

You have an important
decision to make:

to live the life
Payment Options
1 payment
$4400 USD
- SAVE 400$ -

Payment Plan

6 payments
of $800 USD


*DISCLAIMER: Please note that my services are NOT psychotherapeutic in nature nor a replacement for qualified mental healthcare.