Soul Agenda Roadmap

With loving step-by-step support, you will learn to trust that coming home to your body is a safe place to receive Divine guidance from your Spirit Guides. Hand over the burden you’ve been carrying to the universe. Move forward in your life from a place of intuition and self-trust. 

Soul Agenda ROADMAP
is a 1-month program

/səʊl/ - /əˈdʒɛndə/

Soul Agenda

 The underlying intentions of your soul in this lifetime – what experiences you came here for, how you want to live, love, play and work, and your unique soul growth direction.

Soul Agenda ROADMAP is for you if you...

Owl symbolizes that your inner sight will help you shine light onto your own darkness.
“I found good work. I had the confidence to ask for what I thought I should be paid and I got it. I have more opportunities now than I did even six weeks ago. And I have more confidence to move forward with them because I listen to my intuition to determine whether these are good choices.”
Sharon Nelson

IN the soul agenda roadmap PROGRAM YOU WILL RECEIVE...

    Connect with your intuition and soul’s alignment so you can begin to accept who you are meant to be in this life and become the best ___fill in the blank___ on your own terms.
    Align with your own soul agenda, so you can define and prioritize what’s truly important to you and use your unique gifts to make a valuable contribution in this lifetime.
    Learn to be more intentional with your time and energy, and to give from a place of joy instead of obligation.
    Trust yourself, and connect to your Divine support system and your inner knowing, so that you are able to find clarity with ease and to make decisions more effectively and intuitively.
    Become more embodied by feeling and sensing your emotions in your body, and reconnecting to your body’s wisdom and intuition — the voice of your soul.

The practical stuff

Soul Story Session


⌛ 4 Weekly Homework Assignments

to help you solidify your learning and deepen your integration as you transform into a whole new version of yourself. 

⌛ 3 Private 1:1 Sessions

In these 60min foundational sessions, you will gain life-long essential skills and tools to support you on your journey so that you can deeply integrate your learning, make confident decisions, and get lasting results.


We will focus on clearing, surrendering, listening to our intuition and taking inspired action, so that you can walk to your own beat, listen to and honor your body, and surround yourself with supportive people who you have a genuine connection with. 

⌛ Personal Email Support

so that you don’t feel alone on your journey, and can keep moving through barriers and challenges between sessions.


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