Is this your first session?

This is a custom 75-minute session. This is where it all begins. The first step in  your journey from feeling not-good-enough to shining your light into the world, knowing you are deeply loved and valued for who you are. 



Peace, Grounding & Magic
during the In-between

In this 1-month program, with loving step-by-step support, you will learn to trust that coming home to your body is a safe place to receive Divine guidance from your Spirit Guides. Hand over the burden you’ve been carrying to the Universe. Move forward in your life from a place of intuition and self trust. 

This is a 3-month program. Ready for a big change in your life but not sure what it’ll look like? Desire for growth and expansion brings up fears that hold you back. “Transformation” means a complete shift in how you perceive reality so you can navigate changes with faith and grace. 

In this 6-month program , I share all that I have learned on my own journey as an intuitive guide and cycle breaker so that you will know how to use your own intuitive gifts to uncover your heart’s deepest desires, define your future vision, navigate life from an intuitive place, and contribute to the world in your own unique way. 

Hey there,
I'm Mei Ling!

I’ve been supporting mindful and brave women who hear the call to break away from familial and societal expectations and live their soul agendas, for the past 10 years. My specialty is reconnecting women to their inner guidance system to help navigate transitions, and to create the soul fulfilling lives that they deserve.


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