Seek support from the right people

One of my soul agenda lessons is to seek support from the right people.

Because it is a soul agenda lesson, it’s not easy. Asking for help or support does not come naturally to me. This is largely due to having grown up in an environment where asking for support was viewed as a weakness, and around people where it was not safe to be vulnerable. Often, asking for help would invite ridicule, and accepting it would mean “owing” someone, and having it held over your head.

Therefore my default setting was not to seek and ask for support when I was feeling down or facing challenges. It was to retreat into a cave and try to figure things out on my own.

In my 20’s, I had the good fortune of making some wonderful, loving friendships. These friends, or chosen family, as I prefer to call them, coaxed me out of my cave. They encouraged me to reach out to them and lean on them. They taught me to ask for support. And any time you start stepping toward your direction of soul growth, the Universe seems to reward you. Whenever I asked for help from people I trusted, problems were solved with ease, and the joy that accompanied the process was so healing.

This morning I reflected on the journey from when I first came out of the psychic closet, to giving readings as a hobby, then professionally, and now having an intuitive practice and business.

This journey was possible because I asked for support and received it. Support from friends, my husband, yoga instructors, teachers, pen pals, my therapist, my accountant, coaches, healers, tarot readers, and other intuitives, etc. The beautiful thing is that through seeking support by taking online courses, booking sessions, buying books and taking classes, I was also supporting their businesses, passion projects and practices. It feels good to both give and receive help.

And so, it is all a marvelous, intricate web of collaborative effort where we all manifest our dreams and goals together.

No more lone wolf. Asking for support is not a weakness, it is a strength.

Mei Ling
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